About our oven

At Linden Loaves we bake our bread in a wood-fired masonry oven. The main reason for this is that it happens to be the most practical route for our bakery, the other options being electric and gas ovens. That it was also our dream oven made the choice of going this route even easier.

The oven we bake in is known as an Alan Scott retained heat masonry oven. Alan Scott was a blacksmith and baker who devoted his life to studying historic ovens and how they developed and evolved over the centuries. He took this knowledge and designed a modern interpretation of what he had learnt. The oven has an oven chamber that is encased in a thick concrete cladding which in turn is heavily insulated. If you burn a fire for a few hours the entire structure is saturated with enough heat to keep the oven at baking temps for a couple of days afterwards.

We built our oven over two months during the early lockdown phases. It was hard, but satisfying work and we're very grateful for the oven we got from it.