Our Sourdough

Linden Loaves bread is naturally leavened using our own starter culture. The dough is fermented for 18 hours and distributed at most 4 hours after baking. Our bread can be described as soft and chewy with mild sour and salty notes, a fairly wild crumb structure and a darkish caramelised crust.

It is wholesome bread made with only flour, water and salt.

Where to find our bread


We deliver fresh sourdough loaves from Tuesday to Saturday every week. These are loaves that you can buy and take home to use as a whole loaf


The Little Deli  (Linden), Food Café  (Cresta), Service Station Café (Melville), Vice Coffee (Craighall Park), Spar (Robindale and Polofields)

Additionally on WEDNESDAY

Issy's Coffee and Gifts (Forest Town)

Farm Table Grocer (Linden)

Additionally on FRIDAY

Farm Table Grocer (Linden)

The Whippet (Linden)

And additionally on SATURDAY 

Sloane's Butchery & Deli - Bryanston

You can also order our products or sign up for a bread subscription at the fabulous online farmer's market Truffle Pig Recce

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